David Harshada Wagner

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Belle’s Art Museum Adventure

I worked with a local couple in town to build the Belle’s Art Museum Adventure app.  It is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone and features interactive elements on most pages.  The story is written on each page but you can choose to have the app read it to you as well.

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Anatomy 3D Organs iPad app

I built the framework for this iPad app that studies the anatomy.  It has many sections focusing on different organs and systems and includes 3D models, notes, lectures, glossary, movies, and quizzes.

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Mr. Picky’s Santa Barbara Winery Guide

I just worked with a couple in town to update their wine tasting app called Mr. Picky.  This update focused on their Santa Barbara county app.  I added search, favorites, notes, and several other pieces of functionality.  You can check out the app here.

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World of Goo iPad App

This is a little off topic, sorry…

I have become addicted to the World of Goo iPad app. The visuals are stunning and the game play is fun. I’m a nerd so the heavy use of physics makes me happy. It is available for several platforms so if you are in need of a new game addiction then check it out.

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Salumi iPhone App

I am developing a specialty food app for a local gourmet food shop in town named C’est Cheese.  The app is named Salumi and is a reference guide for various cured meats.  The first version of the app has been released and can be found here.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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Welcome to WagsSoft

As a software professional for the past 18 years I have had experience in many different software areas from websites to gaming; from databases to system administration.  My goals for this site are two fold.  First: to promote myself as a software architect for contract work and employment opportunities.  Second: to share and archive information I find relevant to software architecture and add my own commentary when appropriate.

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